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To facilitate selling and buying of art in digital form. To create a place where art creators meet and establish contact with art consumers without middlemen.


Modern technologies enable anybody to prints artworks on canvas or any other media in any size at a quality unseen until now and for a reasonable price. This provides artists and art consumers with new opportunities:

1) To engage in a new kind of visual art when an artworks are created for printing directly in digital form (2D) ;

2) Artists who used to work in traditional media now have access to such new reproduction technologies, that copies become practically indistinguishable from the originals and often are even more presentable;

3) One of the main problems for artists is how to reach and present their art to interested audiences - Internet provides unlimited opportunities for this;

4) These new technologies created a new art market for art buyers where they can select and acquire artworks that they desire regardless of geographical location;

5) Manufacturers of printed products are now everywhere and artworks that are obtained in digital form can now be printed in any size on any material, framed and delivered anywhere in a matter of couple of hours. Thus it is now possible to buy an artwork on the Internet and literally in an hour have it delivered to any location - just recently this was totally unimaginable...


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