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Medianoche Theatre - details

The proscenium is reached by a hand-carved central frame, whose form is the allegory of the wings of a butterfly. The interior painting done on canvas shows a landscape with a forest, this painting represents free space, full of mystery and dreams to create. Crowning this framework is the shell and the face with halo symbolizing the deity and the stars kings (sun and moon), opposed to the bottom ball symbolizing the earth.

Within the framework, over the painting, is written the name of this theatre: "Medianoche".
I chose this name because it represents the change, like it means the end of a day and the beginning of another, in the middle of the night, the Theater changes:

"When the full moon arose, at midnight (Medianoche), the girls listened a sweet song, and with it they felt hopes, The beautiful music told melancholics stories, interpreted as broken dreams, the sadness, but also like little by little arose the hope and the light again".

This is a passage in the story of theater, to read the complete story click here: Medianothe Theatre story

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Miguel de Molina. Copla de un exilio en Factoría de Arte y Desarrollo

Octubre 30, 2014 en 8pm Noviembre 16, 2014 en 6pm
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